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Movie is a dream turned into reality; not of one, but of many. It is a bird, set to fly.

Shams Films is a Movie Production Company that has the confidence to produce path breaking sensible movies through hard work and team effort. Movies, at the very first thought might sound to be a form of entertainment. But we, through Shams Films, endeavour to induce our continuing passion while in the process of making movies.

Owned and managed by the young entrepreneur Mr. T R Shamsudeen, Shams Films is just one among his various business initiatives. Hailing from a business background, it’s his passion towards movies that made him step into the movie production industry. Along with his movies till date – ‘1983’ & ‘Queen’, the Company currently has various fresh and inspiring movies in its pipeline. Aiming at producing path breaking sensible movies, Shams Films always strives in creating what an audient expects from the industry.




One of Kerala’s well reputed business-man, Mr. T R Shamsudeen, was born at Thrissur on May 12, 1984. Striving to set milestones in the various business fields which he has laid his hands upon, T R Shamsudeen, at this very young age itself, holds the Chairman position of Cochin College of Engineering and Technology & Cochin Institute of Science and Technology.

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Story & Direction : Abrid Shine

Produced By : T R Shamsudheen


Direction : Dijo Jose Antony

Produced By : T R Shamsudheen, Shibu K Moideen ,Rinshad


Share Stories – Story is the foundation of a movie. Well, so if you have one such story to share with Shams Films, do it!

Share Music – Music adds a certain mood to the overall flow of a movie. If you are an aspiring musician or singer, share your piece of art with us.

Share Art – Movie is an art form. In fact, it’s not just one – it’s a combined outcome of many people and their art works. Your power to write screenplays, make videos, editing, art direction and anything as such can be shared here

Share Portfolio – Is it your dream to act in a movie and see yourself portraying characters? Share your Portfolio with us to make your dream a reality.




Cochin Institute of Science & Technology Muvattupuzha

Cochin College of Engineering College

Kangaroo Kids Cochin

Billabong High International School

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